Terms of Service

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Terms of service

By placing an order for any Pre-Order Autograph signing or Send-In opportunity presented by The Autograph Concierge (T.A.C.), you agree to the following terms:


Handling Your Items

I will not hold The Autograph Concierge, and its owners or any celebrity talent (or any of their affiliated entities) responsible for any loss or damage to an item(s) I send in to be autographed. Damage may occur during shipping (from you to The Autograph Concierge or from The Autograph Concierge back to you), during the handling of items during the autograph signing, and/or in the process of re-packaging the item(s) to be returned to you. I understand that fragile or item(s) that already show great wear & tear may be damaged further. It is solely at my risk that any and all item(s) are being sent in to be signed.

Payments & Shipping

I will pay in full for all items being signed at the rates published (this includes signature fees, any personalization fees, inscription fees, and any shipping fees). I understand that absolutely NO refunds will be granted, unless the autograph signing is canceled. In such an event all signature fees & any personalization fees or inscriptions fees will be refunded, but I will be responsible for all shipping charges to have my item(s) returned. I further understand that I am responsible for all shipping charges to have the item(s) returned to me after they have been signed. I also acknowledge that I am responsible for any and all taxes or duties that my country may impose upon the return of the item(s).

Labeling Your Items

I understand that ALL my items will be clearly marked for identification and signing purposes. If I do not mark my items (i.e., via a post-it with my name on the back of the item) I grant The Autograph Concierge the right to label the items in any way they deem appropriate. I understand that I can request a specific pen color and location for the signature but acknowledge that in rare instances the requests may not be fulfilled. I further acknowledge that no guarantees are made regarding the signer fulfilling my personalization or inscription requests. I agree that I am responsible for the cost of the autograph, but that I will be refunded any additional fees for unfulfilled personalization or inscription fees.

Mistakes & Errors

I understand that in rare cases mistakes such as spelling errors, smudges, creases, placement and color errors do happen and while The Autograph Concierge will try their best to correct the mistake, I will not hold them liable for any mistakes that do happen. I agree to release The Autograph Concierge and its owners, any celebrity talent (or any of their affiliated entities) of any and all liability associated with this signing and agree that all items are being sent at my own risk.


Any signings that are cancelled will be refunded 100% of the autograph cost, as well as any added fees paid for personalization or inscription requests. Completed items (items that have already been signed during an autograph signing) that are personalized (for example: "To: Bob") are non-refundable. Shipping and handling fees are also non-refundable. Cancelled send-in items will be returned at the customers expense after the signing has been completed.

Mail Your Items

I will securely package and mail all send in items to the address listed on the signing order page. I understand that any packing materials that I use to send my item to The Autograph Concierge may be reused at the discretion of The Autograph Concierge to return my package to me.

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