MAIL-IN Signing FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Due to great interest from Star Trek Autograph Universe members, The Autograph Concierge is happy to offer Mail-In Signings with many ‘Star Trek’ talents! While we will still be conducting In-Person Private Signings with many of the main cast and guest stars, these Mail-In Signings are a way for us to offer signers who don’t normally attend conventions, take part in other signings, or are making their first foray into the signing world through us.

Of course, there are going to be questions, and since we've already received some, the most frequent questions have been posted here: 

When Is The Next Signing Announcement?
We announce new Private Signings (including Mail-In signings) as soon as we're given permission from the talent &/or their representative. We’re already lining up numerous signers, so that we can keep these signing announcements on a steady pace. It's our goal to have one or two a month (with some breaks in between for holidays and organization, as necessary). 

How Does It Work?
We will offer 8x10 photos of the signers available. Simply add the photo of your choice to your cart and then add any inscription requests or placement/ink color requests in the ‘Special Instructions for Seller’ field. After the order window closes, all photos will be labeled and sent via an overnight shipping method to the signer’s office. The signer will sign them and return them to us, also using an overnight shipping service. From there, all orders will be inspected for quality control, LOAs issued, and shipped to the customer.

Can We Send-In an item to be signed?
This option will be offered on a signer-by-signer basis. Still, we do discourage sending high-value items (such as cast-signed pieces and one-of-a-kind collectibles); as it will be in the mail more than during our In-Person Signings. We also won’t be able to direct the signer exactly where to sign, the colors to sign in, etc. Of course, all items will be labeled with those requests; but we simply can’t reiterate it as we would if we were there. Pricing on send-in items during the mail-in signings will also be a higher price point, as it will increase the overall value of the packages sent out (and returned) & it will sometimes cause us to send multiple packages to the signers (and back).

How Much Will It Cost?
The pricing depends on the signer and if send-ins are accepted or not. Generally speaking, we hope to keep the prices in the $25-$45 range for each Mail-In signing.

How Long Will It Take?
Order windows are typically open for a period one month. Some rescheduling may hold the signing windows open longer, but the overall process from the day of orders opening to customers receiving their purchase in their hands should be in the 6–8 Week range. That’s not to say that it can’t be sooner, but the signers are allowed to take their time (hopefully providing us with neater/fuller signatures, in the process). 

Which ‘Star Trek’ Celebrities Are Taking Part?
The goal of these Mail-In Signings is to offer a wider range of ‘Star Trek’ talent (both on and off screen) than our In-Person Signings are able to. It will be a great way to collect some ‘TOS’ signers who are old enough that they no longer travel (or simply prefer not too), signers from across the ‘Trek’ universe that don’t normally attend conventions, & perhaps some signers who formerly signed their TTM requests on a per fan-letter basis. While main cast members are mostly reserved for our In Person Signings, that doesn’t mean we won’t ever offer them via the Mail-Ins. We hope to offer one or two new signers per month!

The continuation of these signings is always dependent upon member participation. Of course, we know that not every signer is for everyone, but the more successful our signings are, the higher the chances of attracting more talent.

Has The STAU Done This Before?
Indeed, we have! Our first group signing was a Mail-In during the height of Covid, with the Legendary William Shatner! We followed that with our first ‘Themed Signing’: “Trials & Tribble-ations”, featuring Randy James, Deirdre Imershein, Charles Chun, & Leslie Ackerman! We were also the first to offer autographs for the ‘Short Treks’ Michael Burnham, Kyrie McAlpin.

Our success with each of them have allowed us to have numerous In-Person Signings (including FOUR with William Shatner). Most recently, Sir Patrick Stewart was offered via Mail-In, through his appearance rep’s generosity in adding us to his own signing with Sir Patrick.

How Do We Know The Autographs Are Going To Be Authentic?
Authenticity is of paramount importance in this hobby and the signers participating understand this. Secretaries, stamps, autopens, etc. will not be used. Every autograph will be signed by the advertised ‘Trek’ personality themselves. Our proposals to the signers also request they take photographs throughout the signings.

Once the signed items are returned to us, every autograph is inspected for quality control. We will not send anything out that we wouldn’t be happy to have ourselves. Anything we deem questionable will result in the customer's transaction being cancelled (with a full refund, of course). Every signed item will also include an LOA, depicting the exact item purchased. If you are ever uncomfortable with an autograph you receive from any of our signings, simply contact us and let us know.

Do You Take Requests For Signers?
Absolutely! Signing requests are always welcome; and they’re a fun way to interact with the members of the STAU (Star Trek Autograph Universe). While we can never guarantee a certain signer will be interested, we’re always reaching out to the potential signers or their reps., with offers. Sometimes, we hear the potential signer is retired, or simply not interested; but it never hurts to ask!

For Any Other Questions:
If you have any questions that weren’t answered here, or if you want clarity on something already asked, please be sure to reach out to via email or by visiting us on Social Media (we currently only utilize Facebook). I’m sure you’ll all enjoy these new ‘Mail-In’ signing announcements!

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