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The Autograph Concierge is owner Michael Gates. The name, “The Autograph Concierge”, was given to Michael by a group of collectors he had provided with requested autographs from various celebrities attending conventions that those collectors were unable to attend & obtain themselves. If a collector wanted an autograph, Michael happily got it by attending conventions, public events, or referring the collectors to reliable sources who were attending other autograph conventions. Michael has been a valuable member of the autograph collecting hobby, particularly ‘Star Trek’ autograph collectors, because of his knowledge and the resources that he has happily & freely shared.

He is a proven and trustworthy collector; & now he brings that trust & his integrity to the selling side of the hobby. The Autograph Concierge is a source that you can feel confident that you are ordering only authentically signed memorabilia. Whether it is ‘Star Trek’, or any other Movie/TV franchise that you collect, you can absolutely rest assured that the autographs sold here are in fact signed by the advertised celebrity.

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